Dendritic arborization patterns

(Adapted from Fiala and Harris, 1999.)

Cell body lacks dendrites Dorsal root ganglion cells
Sympathetic ganglion cells
Spindle radiation
Two dendrites emerge from opposite poles of the cell body and have few branches Lugaro cells
Bipolar cells of cortex
Spherical radiation: Stellate
Dendrites radiate in all directions from cell body Spinal neurons
Cerebellar granule cells
Neurons of subcortical nuclei (e.g. inferior olive, pons, thalamus, striatum)
Spherical radiation: Partial
Dendrites radiate from cell body in directions restricted to a part of a sphere Neurons at edges of "closed" nuclei (e.g. Clarke's column, inferior olive, vestibular nuclei)
Laminar radiation: Planar
Dendrites radiate from cell body in all directions within a thin domain Retinal horizontal cells
Laminar radiation: Offset
Plane of radial dendrites offset from cell body by one or more stems Retinal ganglion cells
Laminar radiation: Multi
Cell has multiple layers of radial dendrites Retinal amacrine cells
Cylindrical radiation
Dendrites ramify from a central soma or dendrite in a thick cylindrical (disk-shaped) domain Pallidal neurons
Reticular neurons
Conical radiation
Dendrites radiate from cell body or apical stem within a cone or paraboloid Granule cells of dentate gyrus and olfactory bulb
Primary dendrites of mitral cells of olfactory bulb
Semilunar cells of piriform cortex
Biconical radiation
Dendrites radiate in opposite directions from the cell body Bitufted, double bouquet, and pyramidal cells of cerebral cortex
Vertical cells of superior colliculus
Fan radiation
One or a few dendrites radiate from cell body in a flat fan shape Cerebellar Purkinje cells