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Veins and vessels in fetal mouse liver (PDF).
Khan JA, Mendelson A, Kunisaki Y, Birbrair A, Kou Y, Arnal-Estapé A, Pinho S, Ciero P, et al. (2016) Fetal liver hematopoietic stem cell niches associate with portal vessels. Science, 351(6269):176-180.
Molar and mandible in human (PDF).
Park M-K, Jung W, Bae J-H, Kwak H-H (2016) Anatomical and radiographic study of the mandibular retromolar canal. Journal of Dental Sciences.
Ant brain (PDF).
Seid MA, Junge E (2016) Social isolation and brain development in the ant Camponotus floridanus. The Science of Nature, 103:42.
Mandibular gland of parasitoid wasp (PDF).
Stökl J, Herzner G (2016) Morphology and ultrastructure of the allomone and sex-pheromone producing mandibular gland of the parasitoid wasp Leptopilina heterotoma (Hymenoptera: Figitidae). Arthropod Structure & Development, 45(4):333–340.
Olfactory bulb in rat (PDF).
Bourne JN, Schoppa NE (2016) Three-dimensional synaptic analyses of mitral cell and external tufted cell dendrites in rat olfactory bulb glomeruli. J. Comp. Neurol.
Effect of bone degeneration on hearing (PDF).
Bloch SL, Sørensen MS (2016) The role of connectivity and stochastic osteocyte behavior in the distribution of perilabyrinthine bone degeneration. A Monte Carlo based simulation study. Hearing Research, 335:1–8.
Clavicle bone of human fetus (PDF).
Baumgart M, Wiśniewski M, Grzonkowska M, et al. (2016) Morphometric study of the two fused primary ossification centers of the clavicle in the human fetus. Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, 38(8):937–945.
Sea lily (PDF).

Amemiya S, Omori A, Tsurugaya T, Hibino T, Yamaguchi M, Kuraishi R, Kiyomoto M, Minokawa T (2016) Early stalked stages in ontogeny of the living isocrinid sea lily Metacrinus rotundus. Acta Zoologica (Stockholm), 97:102–116.


3D reconstruction of mitochondria in mouse dendrites (7MB PDF).
Traka M, Millen KJ, Collins D, Elbaz B, Kidd GJ, Gomez CM, Popko B (2013) WDR81 is necessary for purkinje and photoreceptor cell survival. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(16):6834-44.
3D reconstruction of mouse neuromuscular junction (7MB PDF).
Smith IW, Mikesh M, Il Lee Y, Thompson WJ (2013) Terminal Schwann Cells Participate in the Competition Underlying Neuromuscular Synapse Elimination. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(45):17724-17736.
3D reconstruction of presynaptic vesicles (1MB PDF).
Ostroff LE, Cain CK, Jindal N, Dar N, Ledoux JE (2012) Stability of presynaptic vesicle pools and changes in synapse morphology in the amygdala following fear learning in adult rats. The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 520(2):295-314.
3D reconstruction of honeybee medial calyx (6MB PDF).
Groh C, Lu Z, Meinertzhagen IA, Rossler W (2012) Age-related plasticity in the synaptic ultrastructure of neurons in the mushroom body calyx of the adult honeybee Apis mellifera. The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 520(15): 3509-3527.
3D reconstruction of perivascular astroglial sheath (800KB PDF).
Mathiisen TM, Lehre KP, Danbolt NC, and Ottersen OP (2010) The perivascular astroglial sheath provides a complete covering of the brain microvessels. Glia, 58(9): 1094-1103.
3D reconstruction of numerous dendritic spines (500KB PDF).
Katz Y, Menon V, Nicholson DA, Geinisman Y, Kath WL, and Spruston N (2009) Synapse Distribution Suggests a Two-Stage Model of Dendritic Integration in CA1 Pyramidal Neurons. Neuron, 63(2):171-177.
3D reconstruction of a sea urchin sensory neuron (1MB PDF).
Bishop CD and Hall BK (2009) Sniffing Out New Data and Hypotheses on the Form, Function, and Evolution of the Echinopluteus Post-Oral Vibratile Lobe. The Biological Bulletin, 216:307-321.
3D reconstruction of synapse and vesicles (1.3MB PDF).
Branco T, Staras K, Darcy KJ, and Goda Y (2008) Local Dendritic Activity Sets Release Probability at Hippocampal Synapses. Neuron, 59(3):475-485.
3D reconstruction of an Ivy cell bouton and dendrite (2.1MB PDF).
Fuentealba P and Begum R (2008) Ivy Cells: A Population of Nitric-Oxide-Producing, Slow-Spiking GABAergic Neurons and Their Involvement in Hippocampal Network Activity. Neuron, 57(6):917-929.
3D reconstruction of mitochondrial sheath (300KB PDF).
Ho H-C, Wey S (2007) Three dimensional rendering of the mitochondrial sheath morphogenesis during mouse spermiogenesis. Microscopy Research and Technique, 70(8):719-723.
3D reconstruction of mitochondrial cristae (1MB PDF).
Frezza C, Cipolat S, de Brito OM, Micaroni M, Beznoussenko GV, Rudka T, Bartoli D, Polishuck RS, Danial NN, De Strooper B, Scorrano L (2006) OPA1 Controls Apoptotic Cristae Remodeling Independently from Mitochondrial Fusion. Cell, 126(1):177-189.
3D reconstruction of axons (750KB PDF).
Bishop DL, Misgeld T, Walsh MK, Gan W-B, and Lichtman JW (2004) Axon Branch Removal at Developing Synapses by Axosome Shedding. Neuron, 44(4):651-661.
3D reconstruction of dendritic spines (780KB PDF).
Segev I, London M (2000) Untangling Dendrites with Quantitative Models.
Science, 290(5492):744-750.
3D reconstruction of multiple spine synapses (400KB PDF).
Toni N, Buchs P-A, Nikonenko I, Bron CR, Muller D (1999) LTP promotes formation of multiple spine synapses between a single axon terminal and a dendrite. Nature, 402:421-425.
3D reconstruction of nerve fasciculation pattern (1MB PDF).
Lu J, Tapia JC, White OL, Lichtman JW (2009) The Interscutularis Muscle Connectome. PLoS Biology, 7(2):e1000032.
3D reconstruction of fish fossil braincase (4MB PDF).
Hamel M-H, Poplin C (2008) The Braincase Anatomy of Lawrenciella schaefferi, Actinopterygian from the Upper Carboniferous of Kansas (USA). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 28(4):989-1006.
3D reconstruction of mouse Peyer's patch (2MB PDF).
Ma B, Wang L, von Wasielewski R, Lindenmaier W, and Dittmar KEJ (2008) Serial sectioning and three-dimensional reconstruction of mouse Peyer's patch. Micron, 39(7):967-975.
3D reconstruction of two calyces of Held (700KB PDF).
Hoffpauir BK (2007) Serial sectioning and electron microscopy of large tissue volumes for 3D analysis and reconstruction: a case study of the calyx of Held. Nature Protocols, 2:9-22.
3D reconstruction of infected tree bark (700KB PDF).
Parke JL, Oh E, Voelker S, Hansen EM, Buckles G, Lachenbruch B (2007) Phytophthora ramorum Colonizes Tanoak Xylem and Is Associated with Reduced Stem Water Transport. Phytopathology, 97(12):1558-1567.
3D reconstruction of mite olfactory lobes (300KB PDF).
van Wijk M, Wadman WJ, Sabelis MW (2006) Morphology of the olfactory system in the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis. Experimental and Applied Acarology, 40(3-4):217-229.
3D reconstruction of moth olfactory receptor neurons (2MB PDF).
Lee S-G, Vickers NJ, Baker TC (2006) Glomerular Targets of Heliothis subflexa Male Olfactory Receptor Neurons Housed within Long Trichoid Sensilla. Chemical Senses, 31(9):821-834.
3D reconstruction of Al-Si alloy (600KB PDF).
Dinnis CM, Dahle AK, Taylor JA (2005) Three-dimensional analysis of eutectic grains in hypoeutectic Al–Si alloys. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 392(1-2):440-448.


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