Fig. 5.01. Skin nerve
Fig. 5.02. Axons in peripheral nerve
Fig. 5.03. Schwann cell making myelin sheath
Fig. 5.04. Schwann cell cut at the level of the nucleus
Fig. 5.05. Fibrocyte from the endoneurium
Fig. 5.06. Myelinated axon and fibrocyte in endoneurial space
Fig. 5.07. Branching fibrocyte process in endoneurial space
Fig. 5.08. Fibrocyte and collagen fibres in endoneurial space
Fig. 5.09. Unmyelinated vegetative nerve
Fig. 5.10. Node of Ranvier in peripheral nerve
Fig. 5.11. The Schmidt-Lanterman incisure
Fig. 5.12. Neuromuscular synapse
Fig. 5.13. Neuromuscular synapse, sarcoplasm junctional infoldings
Fig. 5.14. Peripheral nerve with fascicles axons
Fig. 5.15. Longitudinal myelinated axon, Schmidt-Lanterman incisure
Fig. 5.16. Granules (of Reich) in Schwann cell
Fig. 5.17. Trigeminal ganglion neurons in semithin section
Fig. 5.18. Ganglion cell ensheathed by satellite cells
Fig. 5.19. Ganglion cell and process ensheathed by satellite cells
Fig. 5.20. Sural nerve in semithin epoxy-resin section
Fig. 5.21. Skin nerve between cells of corium
Fig. 5.22. Skin nerve below keratinocyte
Fig. 5.23. Intestine nerve
Fig. 5.24. Schwann cell in 3D with axon
Fig. 5.25. Schwann cell in 3D without axons
Fig. 5.26. Schwann cell embedding multiple axons
Fig. 5.27. Formation of plexus submucosus Meissneri
Fig. 5.28. Nerve cell of plexus submucosus Meissneri with a satellite glial
Fig. 5.29. Vegetative nerve and ganglion cells of plexus submucosus Meissneri
Fig. 5.30. Postsynaptic infoldings in the frog motor end plate 
Fig. 5.31. Transitional zone between central and peripheral nervous system 
Fig. 5.32. Unmyelinated axon ensheathed by Schwann cell
Fig. 5.33. 3D reconstruction of myelinated axon