The Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology was created by Josef Spacek, MUDr., DrSc. The atlas is copyrighted © 2004 by Dr. Spacek, all rights reserved. Any use of materials should acknowledge the source as:
Figure # from the Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology at SynapseWeb (by Josef Spacek, https://synapseweb.clm.utexas.edu/atlas, Kristen M. Harris, PI)
The atlas includes contributions from John C. Fiala, Ph.D. and Kristen M. Harris, Ph.D., with editorial assistance from Patrick H. Parker.

Here is a video about the history of the Atlas.
This atlas is designed to be a practical and quick online visual guide to the ultrastructure of the nervous system, for use as an aid in interpreting electron microscopical findings. Users of our atlas are assumed to be already acquainted with the basic cytology and histology of the nervous system. The atlas is not a textbook. The figure legends contain only brief descriptions sufficient to identify the main ultrastructural features being illustrated. For extensive explanations of structures, we urge you to consult Peters, Palay, and Webster’s The Fine Structure of the Nervous System (Oxford University Press, 1991), which we recommend as one of the best guides for neurobiology electron microscopists. For more experienced electron microscopists interested in ultrastructural cytopathology, we highly recommend Ghadially's Ultrastructural Pathology of the Cell and Matrix (Butterworth - Heinemann, 1997).
The origin of samples of which micrographs are presented in this Atlas were either brains from experimental animals withdrawn for reasons of research in accordance with the University Medical Ethics Committee or human brain samples withdrawn with informed consent for diagnostic or therapeutical reasons. Several of these tissue samples were shared with Prof. A.R. Lieberman, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London, or received by courtesy of surgeons from Department of Neurosurgery, Charles University Hospital, Hradec Kralove.
The Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology is a work in progress. It will be occasionally updated with new material. We hope that this tool will be useful to you.
Josef Spacek
John Fiala