Uranyl Acetate Recipe

Materials: uranyl acetate powder (Electron Microscopy Sciences, depleted uranium, Cat # 22400), 150 to 200 ml capacity amber bottle with cover, plastic transfer pipet, razor blade, top loading balance, graduated cylinder with 100 ml of 2X distilled water, sonicator, Parafilm, Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter, lead shield, lab coat and or apron, safety goggles, double gloves, surgical mask, bench coat paper.


  1. Place balance in the fume hood. Cut out a round piece of Parafilm, size it to the balance plate, and place it on the balance plate.
  2. Place lead shield in front of balance (optional).
  3. With razor blade, cut tip off plastic transfer pipet at an angle to form into a spatula.  See diagram:
  4. Pour the 100-mL of water into amber bottle. Then place the bottle onto the balance to tare.
  5. Use the plastic pipet spatula to carefully weigh out 6.25 grams of uranyl acetate powder into the amber bottle. If making 10 mL of 1% solution for microwave processing, then weigh out 0.1 gram, or whatever amount needed.
  6. Remove bottle from balance and cover.
  7. Wipe any spillage of powder with a moistened tissue. Discard the tissue into designated plastic waste bag. 
  8. Place amber bottle of uranyl acetate solution in sonicator, also under fume hood, and sonicate up to one hour.
  9. Dispose of any contaminated disposal items into plastic waste bag. Then discard outer gloves also.
  10. Monitor hands, self, work area with survey meter (optional).
  11. When sonication is complete, wrap some Parafilm around the cover of the amber bottle. Store uranyl solution in 4 degree C refrigerator.