7.2.5. Tumors

Fig. Astrocytoma
Fig. Fibrillary astrocytoma
Fig. Irregular nuclei of tumorous astrocyte
Fig. Pilocytic astrocytoma
Fig. Tumorous ependyma
Fig. Ependymoma
Fig. Papillary ependymoma
Fig. Ependymoblastoma
Fig. Mitosis in tumorous cell of ependymoblastoma
Fig. Glioblastoma, irregular nuclei
Fig. Medulloblastoma
Fig. Cerebellar sarcoma
Fig. Ganglioglioma
Fig. Ganglioglioma
Fig. Ganglioneuroblastoma
Fig. Plexus papilloma
Fig. Meningeoma (meningotheliomatous type)
Fig. Hemangioblastoma
Fig. Hemangioblastoma, Weibel-Palade bodies
Fig. Neurinoma
Fig. Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy
Fig. Metastasis of adenocarcinoma
Fig. Large activated nucleolus in metastatic adenocarcinoma
Fig. Spherical accumulation of intermediar filaments in  meduloblastoma cell
Fig. Benign ovarian teratoma (dermoid cyst) containing central nervous tissue with differentiated cerebellar folia
Fig. Fully differentiated axo-dendritic synapses in central nervous tissue of benign ovarian teratoma
Fig. Central nervous tissue from benign ovarian teratoma
Fig. Chromophobe pituitary adenoma
Fig. Chromophobe pituitary adenoma
Fig. Acidophilic (eosinophilic) pituitary adenoma
Fig. Pituitary adenoma expressing Crooke's hyalinization
Fig. Another example of Crooke's hyalinization