7.1. Unusual and Difficult to Interpret Structures

Fig. 7.1.01. Annulate lamellae in a brain tumor cell
Fig. 7.1.02. Giant mitochondria from astrocyte
Fig. 7.1.03. Multitubular body from cytoplasm of dendrite
Fig. 7.1.04. Lamellar body from perikaryon of thalamic neuron
Fig. 7.1.05. Complex lamellar convolution
Fig. 7.1.06. Granulofilamentous body
Fig. 7.1.07. Rosette-like beta-particles of glycogen
Fig. 7.1.08. Filamentous inclusion in Schwann cell cytoplasm
Fig. 7.1.09. Nematosome in axon terminal
Fig. 7.1.10. Intercellular tubules
Fig. 7.1.11. Tubullar array in axon of Purkinje cell
Fig. 7.1.12. Tubuloreticular formations in neurite
Fig. 7.1.13. Naked postsynaptic density in dendritic spine
Fig. 7.1.14. Contacts between cerebellar astrocyte and dendritic spine
Fig. 7.1.15. Stacked mitochondria in Purkinje cell perikaryon
Fig. 7.1.16. Stacked and convoluted mitochondria
Fig. 7.1.17. Septate junctions between cerebellar neurites
Fig. 7.1.18. Junctions between astrocytes or dendrites
Fig. 7.1.19. Tips of dendrites
Fig. 7.1.20. Ring-shaped fascicle of neurofilaments
Fig. 7.1.21. Intercellular tubules near an epitumorous cell
Fig. 7.1.22. Intramitochondrial tubular arrays in epitumorous neuropil
Fig. 7.1.23. Ribosome-lamellar body in tumorous ependymal cell
Fig. 7.1.24. Crystalline arrays in granular endoplasmic reticulum
Fig. 7.1.25. Spiralled lamellae from tumorous ependymal cell
Fig. 7.1.26. Redundant myelin in peripheral nerve
Fig. 7.1.27. Alternating density of myelin
Fig. 7.1.28. Intramitochondrial crystalline arrays
Fig. 7.1.29. Thin evaginations from the nucleus
Fig. 7.1.30. Nuclear pocket in detail
Fig. 7.1.31. Spine with naked postsynaptic density in 3D
Fig. 7.1.32. Tubular aggregations in axon terminals
Fig. 7.1.33. Granulofilamentous body in perikaryal cytoplasm
Fig. 7.1.34. Complex convolution with multitubular body
Fig. 7.1.35. Lamellar body in dendrite
Fig. 7.1.36. Granulofilamentous clusters
Fig. 7.1.37. Multitubular body derived from endoplasmic reticulum
Fig. 7.1.38. Complex convolution derived from endoplasmic reticulum
Fig. 7.1.39. Unusual mitochondrion with crystalline array and triangular profiles
Fig. 7.1.40. Mitochondria with apical tubular extensions
Fig. 7.1.41. Septate-like intracristal junctions in neuronal mitochondrion
Fig. 7.1.42. Complex convolution in thalamic relay neuron 
Fig. 7.1.43. Multiplicated basal lamina in a capillary wall
Fig. 7.1.44. Myelinated axon