1.6. Chemical Synapses

Fig. 1.6.01. Postsynaptic densities
Fig. 1.6.02. Axo-somatic synapses
Fig. 1.6.03. Axo-somatic synapse on Purkinje cell
Fig. 1.6.04. Axo-spinous synapse
Fig. 1.6.05. Axo-spinous synapse
Fig. 1.6.06. Axo-spinous synapses with fine filaments
Fig. 1.6.07. Asymmetrical (Gray I) and symmetrical (Gray II) synapses
Fig. 1.6.08. Boutons with flat, spherical, and dark-cored vesicles
Fig. 1.6.09. Large presynaptic terminal with granular vesicles
Fig. 1.6.10. Presynaptic dendrite
Fig. 1.6.11. Axon spherical and dark-cored vesicles
Fig. 1.6.12. Asymmetrical (Gray I) and symmetrical (Gray II) synapses
Fig. 1.6.13. Reclamation of synaptic vesicle membrane
Fig. 1.6.14. Perforated synapse
Fig. 1.6.15. Dendrite with asymmetrical synapses
Fig. 1.6.16. Pre- and postsynaptic dense constituents of the synapse
Fig. 1.6.17. Perforated and macular synapses
Fig. 1.6.18. Periodical substructure in the synaptic cleft
Fig. 1.6.19. Postsynaptic density thickening in anoxia
Fig. 1.6.20. Rare crest synapse
Fig. 1.6.21. Presynaptic dendrites with pleiomorphic vesicles
Fig. 1.6.22. Synaptic vesicle exocytosis
Fig. 1.6.23. Thalamic synaptic glomerules
Fig. 1.6.24. Undifferentiated intercellular contacts in synaptogenesis
Fig. 1.6.25. Prenatal synaptogenesis in lateral geniculate nucleus
Fig. 1.6.26. Prenatal synaptogenesis in lateral geniculate nucleus in 3D
Fig. 1.6.27. Synapses in outer plexiform layer of retina
Fig. 1.6.28. Macular axo-dendritic synapses in 2D
Fig. 1.6.29. Axo-spinous synapses in 2D
Fig. 1.6.30. Synaptic vesicle exocytosis at developing synapse
Fig. 1.6.31. Multiple synapse bouton
Fig. 1.6.32. Subsynaptic densities at axo-somatic synapses
Fig. 1.6.33. Phosphotungstic acid staining
Fig. 1.6.34. Synaptic curvature
Fig. 1.6.35. Wave-shaped synapses
Fig. 1.6.36. Perforated synapse with multiple perforations
Fig. 1.6.37. Axo-dendritic synapse
Fig. 1.6.38. Presynaptic dense projections
Fig. 1.6.39. Dense core vesicles
Fig. 1.6.40. Axon terminal with coated vesicles
Fig. 1.6.41. Axodendritic synapse of Gray-type II (symmetric) 
Fig. 1.6.42. Dense 3D reconstructions of synapses  
Fig. 1.6.43. Details from Fig. 1.6.06 showing filaments associated with receptors 
Fig. 1.6.44. Details from Fig. 1.6.18 showing extracellular receptor domains 
Fig. 1.6.45. Details from Fig. 1.6.36 showing domains of glutamate receptors 
Fig. 1.6.46. EM and 3D reconstructions of synapse and nascent zone