1.5. Axon

Fig. 1.5.01. Cerebellar parallel fiber axons
Fig. 1.5.02. En passant bouton making spine synapse
Fig. 1.5.03. Axon terminal bouton
Fig. 1.5.04. Axon terminal emerging from myelin
Fig. 1.5.05. Axonal growth cone
Fig. 1.5.06. Axon initial segment of pyramidal cell
Fig. 1.5.07. Axon initial segment of Purkinje cell
Fig. 1.5.08. Axon initial segment with cisternal organelle
Fig. 1.5.09. Axon initial segment with cisternal organelle
Fig. 1.5.10. Axon hillock of pyramidal cell
Fig. 1.5.11. Terminal bouton emerging from myelin
Fig. 1.5.12. Cisternal organelle in 3D
Fig. 1.5.13. Axo-somatic terminal boutons in 3D
Fig. 1.5.14. Axo-dendritic terminal boutons in 3D
Fig. 1.5.15. Axo-dendritic terminals in 3D
Fig. 1.5.16. Giant axon terminal
Fig. 1.5.17. Axonal bouton synapsing with mushroom spine
Fig. 1.5.18. Two axonal boutons in 3D
Fig. 1.5.19. En passant boutons making spine synapses
Fig. 1.5.20. Axon in EM and 3D with SER and microtubules
Fig. 1.5.21. En passant bouton in EM and 3D with mitochondrion
Fig. 1.5.22. Axonal bouton making synapses with two spines
Fig. 1.5.23. 3D of en passant bouton making macular synapse
Fig. 1.5.24. 3D of en passant bouton making perforated synapse
Fig. 1.5.25. Axo-axonal synapse
Fig. 1.5.26. Synapse between axon and Purkinje cell
Fig. 1.5.27. 3D reconstruction of cisternal organelle
Fig. 1.5.28. 3D reconstruction of axon initial segment containing ER
Fig. 1.5.29. Three EM serial sections of the axon initial segment 

Fig. 1.5.30. 3D reconstruction of linked microtubules from the axon
Fig. 1.5.31. 3D reconstructions of axons and synapses
Fig. 1.5.32. Dense 3D reconstructions of hippocampal and cerebellar cortex
Fig. 1.5.33. 3D reconstruction of axon terminals synapsing on pyramidal cell